The Manhasset is one of the grand apartment houses of upper Broadway. The 12-story structure stretches a full block from 108th Street to 109th Street and the facades extend into deep courtyards at the north and south elevations. This extensive system of masonry is topped by an ornate two-story mansard roof structure. The restoration work on this building required reconstruction of the mansard’s structural steel framing, ornamental sheet metal dormers, window surrounds, cornices, and slate roofing, gutters and drainage. This restoration at the time was one of the largest architectural sheet metal restoration projects to be done in New York City. In addition to the mansard restoration, the project included extensive restoration to the building’s masonry facades, terra cotta, stone and brickwork, as well as a complete window replacement program.

Following completion of the exterior restoration project, the building suffered a devastating 5-alarm fire, which gutted 44 apartments surrounding the north courtyard from where the fire erupted (in a restaurant below). B/LA orchestrated all aspects of the fire reconstruction, which encompassed structural repairs, exterior wall reconstruction, infrastructure repairs including mechanical systems, elevators and redesign and reconstruction of the damaged apartments. The project also included the design and reconstruction of the two grand lobbies — one at 108th and the other at 109th Street. Final touches were put on the restoration program in 2005 with the completion of the block-long ironwork storefronts.

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