Located in New York City’s SoHo Cast Iron Historic District, this project re-imagined the live/work space of  renowned contemporary sculptor Richard Friedberg and his family. The original cluster of living/work spaces was transformed into open spaces with uninterrupted views from the street to the back courtyard. The monumental west facing windows, four existing skylights, and a line of slender timber columns were used as the primary organizing elements. 

A new central living space was created with – bedrooms, office and studio organized on the plan’s periphery. Operable glass partitions, and an integrated transom window system preserve transparency and allow views in and out of the spaces. The steel and glass vocabulary of the movable partitions, transom windows and elevator entry vestibule are of a palette composed of materials common to the industrial vernacular of the SoHo district.

Photos by Jack M Kucy, JMK Gallery

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