New York City often presents very difficult roofing problems; the nature of the buildings, complex architectural features, tight spaces crowded with mechanical equipment, and tenant uses all present conditions that make sensible waterproofing challenging. Bone/Levine Architects have completed hundreds of roofing projects on all types of buildings that include athletic surfaces, complex mechanical environments, gold leaf domes, tiled cathedral roofs, as well as typical basic roof types. Get in touch for more info.

319 East 74th Street, NYC, Archdioesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
684 Broadway, NYC
50 FDR Drive, NYC, The UN International School
200 West 70th Street, NYC
202 West 78th Street, NYC
210 West 78th, Street, NYC
No. 7 Gramercy Park, NYC
46 South 2nd Street, Brooklyn NYC
29 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn NYC
11 2nd Place, Brooklyn NYC
782 Union Street, Brooklyn NYC, Park Slope Food Coop
110 West 127th Street, NYC
165 Duane Street, NYC
450 Broome Street, NYC
666 Broadway, NYC
161 Hudson Street, NYC
303 Mercer Street, NYC
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