This Harlem townhouse was built under the auspices of the NYC Housing Preservation and Development Corp [HPD] to encourage development and home ownership in Harlem, The building was constructed in 2006 by an independent contractor for HPD. Bone/Levine Architects was brought in to evaluate water infiltration issues in 2020. Findings concluded there was an absence of both waterproofing and insulation within the brick masonry wall system, in addition to various structural deficiencies. The above deficiencies required removal and reconstruction of the exterior skin in order to reinforce the structure, install adequate insulation and waterproofing and a new exterior lightweight, high performance, wall cladding to replace the brick veneer on the front facade and EFIS at the rear facade.
The street facade is copper to blend in with the tonality of the adjacent historic brownstones. The rear facade is painted corrugated steel.

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